Lauren Wang

Product Designer & Creative Technologist in NYC

Shaping interactive experiences with 💡creative thinking, 🎯strategic mindsets, and ⚙️systematic approaches

leveraging my design, code, and motion expertise


What my colleagues say.

From senior leadership, design peers, and cross-functional partners (pm, eng, uxr, ds) at Meta, Uber, and Amplify. Summarized by AI.


Problem-Solving & Innovation

Identifies complex problems, develops creative solutions, and explores new directions that push the product forward.

"Lauren's ability to process complexity and output an elegant solution is truly amazing... Lauren has come up with pretty great off-the-wall ideas during our hackathons..."


Collaboration & Influence

Proactively collaborates with cross-functional teams to build consensus and achieve shared goals. Her clear communication and strong design vision influence others.

"Lauren multiplies the impact of UX research by corralling our XFN team... The designs prepared by Lauren set the bar high for the XFN teams."


Technical Expertise

Possesses strong technical skills in design systems, animation, and coding, enabling efficient collaboration with engineers and delivering high-quality designs.

"Lauren's ability to process complexity and output an elegant solution is truly amazing. She has innovated on the process of animation and hand off to eng to a beyond impressive point..."


Strategic & Research-Driven

leverages research effectively and asks insightful questions to drive design decisions aligned with user needs and business goals.

"She partnered with data scientist to get analytics for each step in the funnel and partnered with engineering to revive Hotjar functionality to get additional user insight. Lauren's review was well-researched and insightful."


Detail-Oriented & User-Centric

Obsesses over details to ensure a seamless and positive user experience across diverse contexts and devices.

"Lauren has a great attention to detail and really thinks through the small details... This leads to a high quality product that works for all users..."


Leadership & Mentorship

Takes initiative, sets high standards, and inspires others with her passion and collaborative spirit.

"Lauren is a valuable mentor... Lauren is always gracious with her time whenever a colleague needs help with something... Lauren is a rare gem."


🧠 My product designer brain makes me seek to improve upon the process of making purposeful and scalable design, as well as deliver an accessible and aesthetic front-end experience.

🧡 My creative technologist heart drives me to craft innovative and engaging interactive experiences that bridge the gap between design and code.

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